Monday, 28 June, 2010

Natural Remedies in Acne Treatment

In recent times, it has been proven that the number of people who have acne has increased drastically. The reasons for his have not been proven and as result, there is not official pronouncement on the reasons for this. However, we can make some assumptions that are susceptible to corrections. The reason there is a rampant case of acne today can be largely attributed to our diets and possibly the environment. In the past, reported incidents of acne treatments weren’t exactly common. However, things have changed today. There is no clear account of the number of people suffering from acne. But the sale of medicines for acne is on the increase and this suggests that there is an increase in the number of people having acne.

Acne which is mainly caused as a result of the clogging of the skin pores by the oil generated by the sebaceous gland in the skin. The clogging of the skin pores are the result of certain bacteria. It is for this reason that most acne treatments are never effective. They concentrate more on eliminating the symptoms and not the root cause. So, instead of focusing on how to eliminate the bacteria, these solutions work for scar removal and pimple drying. Because most of these ointments and treatment methods hardly work, attention has shifted from over-the-counter-prescriptions and doctor recommended diagnosis to alternative therapy and medicine.

These alternative therapies like Acnezine which can be found at have been consistently proven to work and produce the desired results. While most of them do not over hype their products like others do, it is said that they can easily get rid of any acne given a 30-day trial period. If this seems too far, then you can go on dealing with the same issues every time. But these products offer one of the most important solutions and cure to acne which is the elimination of the root cause instead of just symptom treatment. In conjunction with using natural remedies like Acnezine, it is always best to also change your diet from one of junk meals and foods to that which is filled with all forms of fruits. The plentier the fruits, the better. So, change the diet. Avoid all forms of foods oil rich foods like hotdogs, sandwich, cheese and anything related to cheese and a host of other forms of junk.

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Angelyne Johnson said...

i cant remove some of my acne on my faces. my acne products does not really works.i hope i can find some acne products that really works.

Daniela Theresa said...

acne can ruined your face. it leaves scar to your face. we should treat it properly, always clean your faces, used some acne products that workeds.